Small Dolls By Photo

These petite love dolls have realistic adult womanly figures, just in scaled down models.  Small sex dolls are popular for their lower cost, ease of discretion and lighter weight, which makes this size of love doll easier to carry and maneuver. Many of our customers find our small love dolls a great entry doll into doll ownership. 
The sex doll, like our larger dolls, has a fully articulated metal skeleton which allows her to be posed in almost any position a real woman can. Oral, vaginal and anal orifices are standard. Standing feet are also available as well as a fixed or replaceable vagina. Note however, due the size restrictions of 100cm love dolls, if you choose the replaceable vagina the doll will not have an anal orifice. 
Want to customize your small love doll with all of your own choices instead of one of the pre-customized dolls below?  Then click HERE to visit the customizable small love dolls.