New & Improved Doll Inspection Service!

New & Improved Doll Inspection Service!

Posted by Real Love Sex Dolls on Oct 04 2016

Many of you may have noticed that we recently discontinued our in-house doll inspection service.  We have now put in place a new and improved method that is far better all around. 

The reasoning behind the change is that once a doll has left the factory and been shipped to us for an in-house inspection, if a mistake or flaw was found, we then had to work backward on fixing the problem.  Which we found to be a highly inefficient way of dealing with any issues, as well as making the customers wait time longer than we'd like.

So, In our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible service to our customers, we have upgraded how we do our quality check inspections. 

We now have 2 dedicated RLSD quality control personnel positioned in the factory that each perform a 50 point inspection in succession, quality checking the doll and verifying the accuracy of each order, BEFORE it ships from the factory. 

We expect this new and improved quality check protocol will help to make sure dolls are in perfect condition and the order is totally accurate before it leaves the factory. 

Addressing any issues while still at the factory where they can be handled immediately upon discovery will also help to ensure customers receive their dolls faster.

Providing our customers an excellent doll buying experience is extremely important to us. This is an investment toward that end and we are proud to offer it at no additional charge for every single doll order!