If it's too good to be true...

If it's too good to be true...

Posted by Real Love Sex Dolls on Jul 11 2017

You know the old saying, if it's too good to be true... it probably is. 

One of our competitors (we won't say their name) was having an additional 20% off sale prices on their sex dolls... wow, sounds great right!  That's what we said too... WOW, how do they do it!? 

After all the RLSD Hot & Wet Summer Sale is an 15% additional off our sale prices (plus some great free gifts!) and that is an amazing offer!  Real Love Sex Dolls are the #1 Seller of realistic sex dolls in the U.S. so we can do things others cant. But even we can't go 20% off sale prices.  

So, we investigated and found they also raised their prices during their sale, that's how! Usually $200 above the cost of an RLSD doll sale price.  We find this kind of fake price inflating misleading to customers and an unacceptable practice. 

Notice the raised sale prices in some screen shots we took:

Real Love Sex Dolls discounts are legit.  We don't inflate our prices then give a fake discount.  That's just plain wrong in our eyes.

We want you to know we truly do care about you, and we go above and beyond to prove it. We will always deal fairly with you, give you the best prices available and best service you will ever find. Plus we back up our products 100%. 

We are not in the habit of bad mouthing anyone, but we thought you should know about this kind of deceptive practice we found with this competitor.  It's just plain wrong, and you deserve better!