Appearing on BONES: Real Love Sex Dolls!

Appearing on BONES: Real Love Sex Dolls!

Posted by Real Love Sex Dolls on Aug 30 2016

Fans of Fox's hit crime investigation drama Bones will be treated to a very special guest star: one of our lovely RLSD beauties! Stay tuned to find out when the episode will air, and which of our lovely ladies will be appearing. She's the main focus of the plot and will be featured heavily in the episode! We're very excited to be working with the production of Bones, a long-running, hit crime show. The cast and crew have fallen in love with our saucy doll - she's fit right in!

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Keep watching this space for more news about the upcoming episode of Bones. We'll be posting exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures from the set. Find out when it airs, where you can watch it, and who the mystery doll is. She'll be introducing herself to you very soon!