2017 Air Sex World Championships brought to you by RLSD

2017 Air Sex World Championships brought to you by RLSD

Posted by Real Love Sex Dolls on Nov 09 2017

Coming to you live and in your face, December 9, 2017! We’re excited to be presenting you the 9th annual Air Sex World Championship, in Austin, TX. Airsexuals from all over the US have been in hot and heavy competition this year and it’s all coming to a head in our Championship. Come see the thrills and chills this year. You might just learn something!

Don’t miss out! December 9, 2017 at the Mohawk theater in Austin, TX. Get your tickets here!

What is Air Sex, you ask? It’s only the hottest, most fun, and liberating craze we’ve ever seen! We’re sure you’ve strummed your imaginary guitar along with a rousing rock composition – Air Sex is exactly the same thing. Instead of rocking a sweet guitar, you’re making hot love to a sweet imaginary friend! It’s a wonderful big mixup of humor, showmanship, and sexual liberation all in one awesome, erotic mess.

We’ve seen exhibitions all over this year, and the winners are coming together in one massive final competition to prove, once and for all, who is the greatest performer of creative fake-fucking! Don’t miss it! Rock out with your preferred sex organ out!

Sponsored by Real Love Sex Dolls, the #1 seller of realistic high-quality sex dolls! RLSD is also sponsoring the entire 2018 season of Air Sex. The 2017 championship is just the beginning!