New mouth option now available!

New mouth option now available!

Posted by Reallovesexdolls on Dec 19 2016

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We’d like to announce a fantastic new option for our dolls – realistic mouths with permanently-attached tongues and uvula! The tongue is ultra-soft and is connected to the inside of the mouth. It’s a fantastic addition for added realism in sensation, and it makes the doll a great kisser! Maybe she was shy before, and didn’t know how to kiss very well, but now, she’s the expert! The new mouths also feature another familiar part – the uvula. Both the tongue and uvula work in tandem to provide an amazingly improved and more realistic feeling during oral sex.

This new mouth style is an option, and can be selected when building your dream girl. The original mouth style is still available, for the fans out there that prefer it, as well as the removable tongue. The new attached tongue and uvula mouth will be available in eight of our heads at first. We will be rolling out the option for other heads in the future. The present heads are: #36, #46, #56, #58, #59, #64, #93, and #134.

The realistic mouth option will cost an additional $75. This new style won’t add any extra time to production, you can have her in the same amount of time it takes to create our other dolls.

Please take a look at an example of the new mouth, seen here on our lovely, smiling head 134.

You can see that the tongue can move position, and is quite soft and stretchy. In this last picture, we can see the uvula in the back of the throat. A thrilling, realistic new option, available on these eight heads initially, then expanding to other heads in the future.

This new mouth option is available from Real Love Sex Dolls. You can add this option to your doll order right here!