Coming soon! Save BIG during our Perfect & Imperfect Clearance Sale!

Coming soon! Save BIG during our Perfect & Imperfect Clearance Sale!

Posted by RLSD on Jun 30 2017

Keep your eyes open and check out our home page at very soon for our upcoming In-Stock Clearance Sale of dolls! We have many dolls in our Texas warehouse that are already made and ready to ship! This clearance sale is called our Perfect & Imperfect Sale because some dolls may have been slightly damaged in shipping, have compression marks or other surface blemishes. Other dolls are well, just perfect! Whichever you choose, she will ship to your address in 5-7 days in the US, and a little bit longer elsewhere. If you happen to see a doll you like, she can be in your home and looking beautiful, in a fraction of the time it would take to order from scratch!

Keep your new doll smelling sweet with our new line of scented powders, made from all natural ingredients. They smell and feel awesome, and are good for your skin as well as your doll. These also ship from our Texas location, so they can arrive in a week!

Don’t forget to check back soon – you might find just the doll you’ve had your eye on, or maybe a totally new doll may seduce you. Lucky for you, she’ll be ready and at your door in record time. Our Perfect & Imperfect Clearance Sale is just the thing to wash away those summer blahs! There’s still plenty of time to buy that perfect summer bikini!