Time Out Design a Head Contest!

Time Out Design a Head Contest!

Posted by Real Love Sex Dolls on Feb 07 2017

We’ve added a new event to our site – the Time Out Design a Head Contest. The first of many more to come, this contest is all about creativity and its reward! The idea is simple – give us an idea for a new head for our sex dolls, get the most votes, and we’ll create the head. The contest winner will also receive the first head we make of the winning entry for FREE! This is your chance to get the head you’ve always wanted! Head on over to our CONTESTS page to enter.

Your idea for a new head can be just about anything – you can use a picture of someone, a drawing, a 3d model, or any other kind of picture. You can submit pictures of the girl next door, supermodels, an alien seductress from the planet Abraxo, a video game heroine, and anything in between! Have fun!

Here's how it works. To enter your idea into the contest:

  1. Go to our CONTESTS page to see the Time Out Design a Head Contest.
  2. To submit your idea, fill out the form on the page - don't forget to use a real email address so that we can contact you if you win! Upload your picture and add any comment, then press the ENTER button to submit.
  3. You can enter a unique idea once per day. Please only submit one picture of the same idea - if you have more than one entry of the same idea, it can split the vote, which will lessen your chances of winning. We'll look out for duplicates, and delete them. You can submit a new, original idea every day.

To vote for your favorite ideas:

  1. Once again, go to our CONTESTS page to see the Time Out Design a Head Contest.
  2. Click the "Open Gallery" toggle at the top of the page. You'll see all the current entries, along with how many votes each has.
  3. Click any entry to open it's detail page. You can see the comments and vote for it there.
  4. You can vote just once for any entry.
  5. You can vote for as many entries as you like! Please come visit often during the contest, as there are new entries appearing constantly for you to vote on.

The contest ends on February 28th at 11:59pm. Plenty of time to make your mark with a fantastic new idea, and have your voice heard! Enter today and have the chance at making your dream into a reality!

Contest rules:

  1. Upload one picture of your entry in .jpg or .png format. If your submission wins, we will contact you for any other pictures of the subject.
  2. You can submit up to one entry per day for the duration of the contest.
  3. You can submit any kind of picture, whether it be a photo, drawing, rendered 3-d model, or other.
  4. Please submit only one picture of your contest idea and please don't submit a subject that has previously been submitted. More than one will split the vote and lessen your chances of winning! We will remove any duplicate entries of the same subject.
  5. We cannot recreate any copywritten subject to an exact degree. We can, however, create a head that is inspired by the copywritten entity. This might be a real person such as a celebrity, or a 3-d rendering of a video game character, for example.
  6. RSLD LLC has the right to disqualify any submission as we see fit.
  7. The contest will run from Feb 1st, 2017 - Feb 28th 2017. Submissions received after 12AM, on March 1, 2017 date will be unable to enter the contest.
  8. The winner agrees that RLSD LLC is allowed to use the subject matter submitted as they see fit. This includes promotions and commercial reproduction of the contest-winning design.