No fuss for your muff: Pre-applied Pubic Hair

No fuss for your muff: Pre-applied Pubic Hair

Posted by RLSD on Jun 30 2017

Announcing a new option for dolls customized with pubic hair, exclusively available at Real Love Sex Dolls: our experts in the factory will now apply the hair prior to shipment, so that everything is perfect and pristine. In the past, we’ve provided a patch of pubic hair, in various shapes, and allowed our customers to apply the patch themselves. This gave them the important decision about where the pubic hair goes, and how their doll looks. This sounds great, but as it turns out, was a bit too messy. So, we’ve altered our workflow to make this easier on you.

Pubic hair can add a bit more realism to your doll, making her that much more life-like and exciting. We still carry the patch variety of pubic hair, which you can attach to your doll when you like, and we carry them in many different styles. Please feel free to take a look at our selection of fine public hairs here.

If we’d told you this morning that you’d be reading this much about pubic hair, you’d probably think we were crazy. The more you know!